Le Brothers/

Le Ngoc Thanh

Le Duc Hai


Born in 1975, Bình Trị Thiên, Vietnam

They live in Hue City, Vietnam.

Le Brothers are twin brothers who are forging a truly remarkable art career.

Their unique approach to history, identity and the interpretation of the past in the present produces works that accelerate our understanding of unforgettable events which are presented as refined and dignified accounts that invite the viewer’s reflection, realization and a deeper respect for culture and custom.

Their practice explores an aesthetic where their art can for example, examine, dissect and question the post-war consciousness of North and South Vietnam.

Their vision has led them to the creation of an art foundation called New Space Arts Foundation, where artists around the world may attend residences and create art. The foundation is funded by Le Brothers from the sales of their art. 

Le Brothers where selected for Singapore Biennale 2013, Selected projects include ‘The Bridge II’, performance at DMZ Gang Hwa, Korea (2012), ‘Before ‘86’, Cheongju Complex Cultural Center, Korea (2012) and ‘Communicate with me’, Saigon Open City, Vietnam (2006), ‘Window to Asian”Vietnam (2001).

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